Ways To Get Over Stressful Situations

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Stress is a never ending disease which spreads like fire, every 2nd person you know would be suffering from this great disease called stress. And if you choose to read this article you might be going through the same or might have faced it at least once in life time. So how difficult you think it is to deal with stress and get over it ? This answer may differ from people to people. Some people find it really difficult to cope with stress while on the other hand some people are resilient , that is they are able to recover quickly from difficult situations. There might be many people in your life as well who are resilient who get back quite quickly after a very difficult situation (for eg. a parents death). You might think of them as people without emotions, but they just have an ability to face and get over their difficult time. So in short to deal with stress you need to be resilient and resilience can be learned or developed.

I have listed a few ways which can help you be more resilient or get over stressful and difficult situations.



Make connections

Detaching yourself from others after a difficult phase in your life will make you feel even more stressful. So instead participating in faith based groups , or other community programs may provide you with social support and hope. Accepting help from others will make us feel worthy and will give us hope to fight and get over stressful situations.

Avoid viewing problems as impossible

problems are never easy to deal with but claiming it as impossible can make it even worse for you. in dealing with stress , its not how much of stress you have but how you perceive stressful situation. eg a competition can be quiet stressful for some but some might take it as a challenge. So how you view and respond to stress is all that matters. Keep looking out for little things that will make you feel better.

Accept changes as a part of life

we humans are ever changing creatures and so are our conditions , we can't always remain happy nor remain sad. All we have to do is accept the situations that can never be changed , this can help us focus on situations that can be changed.

Move towards your goal

Develop realistic goals, do something regularly to be active and alert. Every small success will help you move towards your goals. This will make your vision for life clear. Keep yourself as busy as possible so you don't get a chance to think of the problem you have.

Take action

Act on difficult situations as much as you can, do not run away from them. Take positive actions rather than detaching completely from problems and wishing they would just go away.

Discover and explore yourself

Explore yourself, get to know yourself better, encourage yourself. its okay if you face hardships and tragedies. Many people who suffered hardships and tragedies have reported better relationships, a greater sense of self, greater strength , a more developed spirituality, and a heightened appreciation for life.

Have a positive view of yourself

Develop confidence in your ability to face all your problems and get over it. Trust your instincts, belive in yourself , motivate yourself positively, this will help you build resilience. Keep the negative thoughts far away from you and notice the positive in everything that life throws on you.

take care of yourself

Pay attention to your own needs and feelings. Participate in activities you enjoy and find relaxing. It helps your mind and body to be prepared to deal with stressful situations. Like how a soldier requires training to fight a war, you to need to be trained mentally and physically to fight your problems .

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