Top Five Amazing Tricks You Need To Know About WhatsApp

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These day’s WhatsApp has become most used messaging app around the world. WhatsApp keep updating it’s features from time to time, so that it can be more useful to the users. In the recent past the app has focused on user’s privacy and security of the content shared. It has included encryption facility and two-step verification for the security purpose.


See who has read your message in your group chat

In group chat you don't know who read your message and who is neglecting you. Those grey ticks only turns blue when every member of the group has read your message. But here is the trick within the WhatsApp to know who has read your message. Hold down on your message you have sent and then select info icon at the top of the screen. It will show you that to whom your message has delivered and who has read it.

Star Message for Later

You can star mark your important messages. Suppose if you have an event to attend and your friend has message you the address, so you can star mark that particular message to find it easily at the last moment and you don't have to scroll down and search for that particular message. Hold down on the particular message and then select star icon at the top of the screen to mark it. To find your starred messages, click on the 3 dots icon at the top-right of the screen and select the starred messages, their you will find your star mark messages.

Format Text

A format text feature often used on MS Word is now on WhatsApp as well. To format text, hold down on the text and then select the formatting option you want like bold, italic or strike-through from the top of the screen.

Mark Messages as Unread

If you are someone like me, who have a habit of reading messages but forget to reply back then this wonderful feature of WhatsApp will be helpful to you. Just long press the conversation and click on the 3 dots icon from the top-right of the screen and from their select the option "marks as unread".

Minimal Data Usage

If you are on a limited data plan then for you every byte counts. If you don't want huge media file to eat up your mobile data then their is a way within the WhatsApp. Go to setting select data usage and click on "when connected to wifi" from their choose "all media". Above that you can see the option "when using mobile data" click on that and choose "no media" from their. This ensures that the media file will downloaded only if you are connected to wifi and not when you are using the mobile data.

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