Successful People Never Use These English Words

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Being successful is not a position rather it is a journey of building yourself into someone you always wanted to be, being successfully able to complete your goals.

There are some things which are common in all the successful people no matter what kind of background they belongs to or where they are situated. So, today I will tell you about the common things of every successful people that you 7could have never thought of.

I have a list of words that every successful mostly avoid to use in their day to day life.











Very is totally useless at most of the places we try to use it. It looks really bad once you use it with everything. For example, instead of saying 'The rock is very big', you can say 'The rock is Gigantic'. This looks a lot better.

Never and Always

'Never and always' are some words which can be considered the same when it comes to usage. These words are used when we want to talk about something that is absolute. These words make the user sound conceited and close minded.


'Maybe' is a word which is used to show uncertainty about something but if you use 'maybe' for your own actions then that can tamper your own impression on people and can confuse them. Saying 'Maybe I am going to the Delhi tomorrow' shows that you are not sure about your own self.


'Literally' is derived from the word literal which means exactly. Until and unless you are describing something in the exact manner as it happened, avoid using this word.


The word 'but' is used to connect two sentences. Don't use 'but' between sentences which are first positive and then negative. Instead of saying 'I like Rohan a lot but he is too poor for my standard' you can say that, 'I like Rohan a lot and I wish that he would become rich one day'. We don't pay much attention to the usage of these words, but little things like these can make a big difference in your life, so it's important to take a note of them.

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