Steps To Be Positive In Life

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Our busy and stressful lives has lead us to the path of negativity. We think our problems cannot end we have just left hopes on solving our problems . We live our life of overthinking and creating miseries in our head , we keep piling our stressful situations instead of solving them. Who does not face all this , sure everyone in this world faces stress atleast once in lifetime. The ones who have a strong and positive mind find ways to overcome these stressors but the weak and negative minded person just gives up.

I may not be an experienced adult but surely i can share few tips i used to overcome my negativity,hope they help you lead a positive life.


Focus on what is important

You must have heard the phrase life is too short to focus on the negative . Surely that says it all, give all your attention to the important things in life . like family , friends and other relationships.Why focus on things which are not important and waste your time? Give time for your family, for yourself. Do not bother what others are doing, the more you direct your attention to others problems , the more your problems will increase as they need your most attention.

start your day with encouragement and a smile

we need to encourage ourselves, we are not always going to be surrounded by people who encourage us. We need to encourage our self to fulfill our goals , our dreams , improve our abilities and skills . as soon as you get up in the morning remind yourself your worthy and capable of doing good at all aspects . As important it is to be good to others ,equally important it is to be good to yourself . Smile and say a good morning to yourself as you look into the mirror the first time in a day and greet everyone you know with a smile through out the day.

Make daily goals

More the ideal our mind is more it gives way to negativity. So all we have to do is busy ourselves with something. Make a list of goals for each day and keep a incentive or reward for fulfilling it and a punishment for not.for eg. If the goal is to study for 1 hour or take a walk for an hour and you complete it , treat yourself with something like tasty food or an extra hour of tv.

Do something new

We need to do something to get out of our comfort zone. do something new everyday or once a week , something you have never done something you thought you could not do . It could be anything as talking to someone you never spoke, going to a different place you never went. When you do something different in a day write it down and at the end of the year or month look up on what all things you have done which you thought you could not do and be proud of yourself.

Give yourself a break

sure that our lives have become so busy that we don't get time for ourselves. But you are important , your health is important. Stop and think about yourself . Don't let your work control you . Take 5 mins everyday out of your busy schedules and relax . You can learn few meditation techniques which will help you calm .You can even use some mindfullness to relax yourselves.

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