Love marriage vs Arrange marriage – Which one is better?

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Marriage is an important decision of life. Everyone wants to have a perfect partner but one question always arise about marriage is whether to have a love or arrange marriage, which is better. In love marriage individual prefer to choose their partner by their own and in arrange marriage your family choose a partner for you. I think both arranged and love marriage have their own pros and cons.


Arrange Marriage

In arrange marriage, two families come together and mutually decide partners for their children. In arrange marriage two families evaluate each other and only if the families are compatible with each other only then marriages happen. In this situation you will marry a complete stranger. But now a days their are families who allow their children to meet or to have conversation on phone with their future partner to know each other before marriage but only if the marriage is fixed and confirmed. So here you will know the person little bit or you will have no idea about the person to whom you will get married. In arrange marriage, just because two families are involved the conflict between the couple will be resolved. In most of the cases both the family help to resolve issues between the couple. In arrange marriage divorce rate is less as compare to love marriage. The divorce rate is less because of family pressure, family reputation, society pressure, etc in most of the cases. But that does not mean the couples are happy, they are being forced to stay in a relationship due to lot of pressure. But their are also happy couples in arrange marriage, where they have fall in love after marriage with their partner.

Love Marriage

You know your partner very well before marriage and you mutually decide to spend your whole life with each other. In love marriage you also share a comfort zone with your partner. You know his/her likes, dislikes, habits, etc, so it is easy to get along with them. For girls, they can freely share about their views regarding their career, etc after marriage with their partner. In love marriage you don't marry for caste, money, horoscope, etc but you marry the person just because you love him/her. In short you marry for love. In love marriage you can avoid social evil lie dowry with your mutual consent as you are not getting married for money and only for love. Buy in love marriage only couple is responsible for future blames like for wrong choice and nobody else. In love marriage the divorce rate is quite high compared to arrange marriage. This is because you don't get family support or their is no one to guide you what is right or wrong. Family members will always say that it was your decision and not ours.


Whether it is a love marriage or arrange marriage it is more important to have understanding between the couples and obviously their should be love between the them. In marriage we should learn to forgive small mistakes of our partner, to be loyal with each other, respect each other and be a strong support of our partner is also important. As I have mentioned before both love and arrange marriage have their own pros and cons but it completely depends on us how we nurture our relationship.

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