How To Stop Taking Things Personally

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When you take things personally it shows that you have low self-esteem. Taking things personally means taking in information as a part of yourself rather than as a part of another person. Like if someone gives a rude compliment to us, and if you take it to your heart and start believing that about yourself, then you are the one who takes things personally. We don’t realize that most people behave in a certain way, because that’s just how they are and there for the behavior is not a reflection of us. When you take things personally you may be sensitive to words or actions of others or you interpret things in a negative way.

Taking things personally just reduces your self-esteem and increases your negative thoughts. So its time you need to stop this habit, before it affects your relationships. Following are few tips to help you stop taking things personally.


First thing is you need to realize that people's rudeness is not about you

When someone is rude is likely a reflection of their own issues.

Ask yourself what else the comment or behavior might mean

And if you are contemplating on their behavior then you should be considering to be more positive than negative.

Take feedback or criticism or any comment in a constructive way

Ask yourself if there's any truth to it, and what you can learn. If it doesn't help you improve yourself that you shouldn't be spending even 5 min contemplating on it.

Have a different perspectiv

Ask yourself how can unbiased outsider would see the situation.

Also you must know that you are not defined by your mistakes

so leave the guilt and forgive yourself. And don't define yourself to the tags other people put on you.

Realize that you can't please everyone and your self worth depends on you

And it totally doesn't depend on what others define you as. Hope these tips help you to get a newer perspective to view others and what others say.

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