Effective ways to fight late night eating cravings

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Do you feel hungry after a big meal? If yes then have you ever thought of why, even after a big meal, you still want to have chips, sweets & other unhealthy foods? On the other hand, I have also seen people eating at night even they aren’t hungry. Nighttime eating can cause to eat more calories, which lead to weight gain & it can also cause obesity, poor health & depression. So here are the effective ways to fight late night eating cravings.


Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast regularly can help late night eating cravings. If you eat breakfast daily in the morning then you will eat your launch & dinner on time. Some people eat their dinner very late or they eat snacks late night. So, they won't feel the need of eating breakfast in the morning because they are already full. So start your day with a good protein breakfast and not with the late night snacks.

Sleep on time

Don't sleep late at night. If you go to bed late then you will definitely feel hungry. So if you want to lose weight & live healthy life then better sleep it off.

Avoid cold drinks & soda

Avoid cold drinks & soda after your dinner. It will cause more food cravings even after big meal. So better stay away if you really want to fight late night eating cravings.


As I have mentioned it before, I have even seen people eating at night even they aren't hungry and in the most of the cases this is because of anxiety, depression & stress. If you think that your late night eating cravings are because of anxiety, depression & stress then try to find another way to overcome it. Try to deal with anxiety, stress & depression with simple relaxation techniques like yoga, breathing exercise & meditation instead of eating.

Include protein at every meal

Protein can help to keep you fuller for longer time. Including protein at every meal can help to overcome late night eating cravings. Quality proteins are beans & pulses, soya, milk, yogurt, chicken, egg, fish, pistachio nuts & etc. You can also combine it with some vegetables.

Eat regularly at regular time

Make sure you eat breakfast, lunch & dinner regularly & at regular time. Getting yourself in a routine can help you to break unhealthy cycles of eating habits.

Seek professional help

If you think, your late night eating cravings are uncontrollable & you need some help then it is better to seek professional help. For some people, seeking professional help can be a good option to overcome eating disorder.

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