Amazing benefits of eating these dry fruits in winter season

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As soon as winters start, people incorporate dry fruits into their daily lives. Dry fruits are beneficial for the body. But do you know that excessive consumption of them can also damage the body. Today I’ll tell you what dry fruit should eat and when to eat.



Walnuts are very beneficial for the brain. You should eat only one piece everyday. By eating walnut cholesterol level does not grow, and avoid the diseases of the heart.

Cashew nuts

Protein is abundant in cashew nuts. 6 to 8 pieces cashew nuts should be eaten everyday. This strengthens the bones.


Put 5 To 6 pieces of almonds at night and eat them the next morning. It will increase your memory. Children going to school must eat almonds everyday.

Dry Dates

.By eating Dry Dates, it is possible to get rid of insomnia, bone weakness and trouble with constipation. Put 2 pieces of Dry Dates in 1 glass of milk at night and drink that milk in the next morning.

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