8 Common Thinking Errors We Make

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Do you have negative thoughts about yourself ? You twist up your thinking to see yourself, your situation , and other people in a negatively?

These thoughts are basically your mind playing tricks on you, convincing you that you are not good as everyone ,its all your fault , people don’t like you, things are hopeless, nothing goes right and so on..

The problem is these thinking errors are automatic and happen without you even realizing it. They are exaggerated negative thoughts that are quite convincing to us but not accurate reflections of reality. These type of thoughts are are faced by everyone but much more prevalent in people suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

Below is a list of common thinking errors we make in our everyday lives:



You tend to generalize negative events to other events happening in your life.For eg. if someone cheated on you, you think every other person would do the same and it results in you not able to trust anyone.

Blaming / Denying

You tend to blame others or do not accept your mistake for a problem. or you would blame yourself for a problem or mistake you have not necessarily done. My way is right : We humans have a tendency to think that what we do is right, So if someone doesn't behave like what you think is a right way to behave then you tend to critisize that person. Even if we do not follow what we believe we punish ourselves.

Negativity bias

You notice all things negative, but fail to notice the positives . this happens mostly when we are in a bad mood for eg when we are in a bad mood we notice all negative aspects of a person if we meet them for the first time and we tend to dislike them.

Magical thinking

You think everything will be better when _________ ( grow thinner, smarter, richer etc.) .This makes us increase our expectations.


You find every event that happens relatable to your life events .you even think what other people door say is related to you or is in action to you

Mind reading

You tend to make assumptions about what others say. For eg. if you see someone staring at you, you think that there might be something wrong with your clothes or something on your face.


You tend to label yourselves negatively, this is mostly on the basis of what others think about you.

As you go through the list you will find that you frequently have some of these thinking errors. Awareness is the first step for change and tracking your thoughts increases awareness of these automatic thoughts. If you thinking these negative thoughts creating stress in your lives, one of the methods to adapt is positivity. Check out my previous post on ways to be more positive in life.

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