5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping using your Debit or Credit Card

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Online shopping is quite convenient these days, you get a best deal and the product is delivered at your doorstep. Getting the lowest price is just not enough, you should also ensure that you are making the payment on the safe online shopping site using your debit or credit card. E-commerce industry is growing rapidly and this has caught the attention of cyber criminals, who are keen to exploit the consumers. So before you place an order on any online shopping site, just keep the below tips in mind.


Always look for Padlock Symbol and https URL

Whenever you place an order on any online shopping site, always look for the Padlock symbol (Lock symbol) and the URL starting with https (as you can see in the image). Never buy online anything from a site that does not have a Padlock symbol. Make sure the URL starts with the https:// and if it starts from only http:// then do not buy it from their. That simple "s" tells you that the information is being encrypted to protect your information.

Use familiar Website that has strong reputation

Always shop with a trusted brand rather than shopping with an unknown brand. Never get carried away with the lowest price displayed on the unknown site. It can be a trick to attract people, so stick with the popular or trusted brands when shopping online. Sticking with the trusted or popular brand ensures the product quality and price but at the same you will feel confident in terms of security as these well-known brands have in place robust security measures. However, be careful, as bad-guys often create fake and professional looking Websites so avoid using similar looking URL like amaz.one/buy-now/top.

Make your PC Virus free

Make sure your PC is Virus free. You need to protect your PC against malware so that the fraudsters does not hack your PC. Install effective Anti-virus software on your computer.

Don't use public computer or free wifi for online shopping

Never ever use public computer for online shopping, it's really a bad idea. If you want to shop while you are out with your own laptop then use the mobile internet data and make sure to lock your wifi with the password. Do not use the public wifi available at the cafe, restaurant or any other public places. Many public hotspots are not secure and can be easily hacked by the hackers.

Avoid too good to be true offers

Any online shopping site that offers the products at too low price is suspicious. Here you need to control yourself before you place an order. In that case you need to make sure whether the product is of the same brand as shown on the site, if the product received is damaged then will you be able to return it back, etc. Double check before you place an order online especially during the festive seasons like Diwali and Christmas. Just don't get carried away with the offers shown on the site.

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