5 Steps Towards A Better You

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We all some way or the other wish to be better, but do you just wish it , have you tried to be better rather than just keeping it as a desire. Being better should be your goal at every aspect of your life. Don’t be better than someone else, but be better than the person you were yesterday. At any point in time you need to strive towards becoming better . We are all wanting to grow and better ourselves, but we don’t always know how right? Don’t worry here are Five tips to get you on the right track.


Think about the future

Don't dwell on your past, it will just consume your energy and keep you unhappy. If you need to think about your past its only when you have to remind yourself not to repeat the mistakes you made in that past. Leave all the "should have done" behind and think about what could be done instead. Spend your time dreaming about what you have to do in the future. Keep your future goal in mind for every decision you take. Each new day is a chance to better yourself, leave your past self where it should be and focus on your future better and more stronger self.

Don't disconnect yourself

Don't disconnect yourself from the world by avoiding people or events. I have learned that you grow the most when you set aside all you used to disconnect yourself like social media or TV. If you think by disconnecting yourself from the world your avoiding negative emotions your completely wrong. Its easy to run away from negative emotions, but allowing yourself to feel and work through difficult times is the only way you will experience growth. You need to learn to overcome every obstacle that comes your way to strive a better life. Get up and face it instead of hiding.

Commit to healthier habits.

We all have habits, some are good, some are bad. But you need to work towards replacing the bad habits with ones that make you the person you want to become, that is a more healthier and better you. Like for eg, you need to drink more water, don't stuff yourself with extra food even though the food may be tasty, give your body fresh air everyday, exercise or practice some body movements like. And last thing but and important thing to keep in mind to practice self care so that you don't get exhausted.

Practice gratitude.

Make a habit of being thankful of what you have everyday. Replace your complains with expressions of gratitude. Among all the things that are wrong in your life, point out the things that are right. And be happy about it.

Cultivate generosity.

Try to step aside and cultivate a spirit of generosity, loving other through generous service. Practicing generosity not only makes others happy but also makes you feel proud of the person you are and you can be much happier.

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