5 Signs that show that a girl is madly in love with you

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I know it is a bit difficult to understand women. But, there are few signs that show that she is actually interested in you. If these are the things that she does when you are around then it can be concluded that she is interested in you.


Does she want to sit closer to you?

If the answer to this question is yes then it is a happy sign. If you both are only there in the room then the space between you two says a lot about her feelings for you. Try once. Go closer to her face for some reason; if she doesn't moves that means that she is comfortable and if she moves away then this is a bad sign.

Does she copy your gestures?

Again, is the answer to this question a yes? Does she try to copy your gestures intentionally and unintentionally? If yes then it means that she is trying to be like you just to understand you a bit better.

Does she checks her clothes or hair often?

A girl does this only when she is trying to impress you and just wants to look perfect in front of you. When a girl isn't interested, she will never pay attention to her clothes and hair.

Notice her toes

A girl shakes her toes when she is comfortable with you as she relaxes by doing this. She is not afraid of being judged. So, if she does this than it is a positive sign.

The way she looks at you tells the whole story

When a girl is in love with you, she looks at you very calmly. So, if she does that then you can consider that she really loves you.

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