3 Illustrations That Describe How Hard Parents Sacrifice For Their Children

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Demi his son father is like in the money jar

Parents become the people closest to us as their children. Because, we are born from the mother’s womb and raised with the hard work of a father. After what has been given to our parents, of course we must also be able to repay his affection by way of being a filial child to both parents.

There are so many sacrifices parents have made for our lives. From the start of a pregnant mother and a father who always feeds. There are still many sacrifices they have given that can not be written one by one.

In order for you to remember and know what the parents sacrifice for us, look at these 3 illustrations that illustrate how the sacrifices of both parents for our lives are:

Here are 3 picture illustrations:

1. Educate children from parental attitudes. I think the message to be conveyed from the illustration of this first picture is all the easy lessons absorbed is what is often done by his parents. So his son will be easier to understand the science and easy to absorb knowledge from the attitude or habits of his parents. For example, when a child often sees his parents worshiping on time. Later his son will also participate in learning and over time will become a habit that the worship must be on time. What do you think?

2.Demi his son father is like in the money jar. Because of the needs of his family life, a father must always try to earn a living and can meet the needs of the household. It was as if he were in a moneybasket because now nothing had to be spent on money. What do you think?

Demi his son father is like in the money jar

3.People willing to suffer for their children. I think the message to be conveyed from this illustration is that parents are willing to feel the pain to be able to feed and give happiness to their children. Yeah even though it’s like cutting his own body. They keep doing it so they can see their child happy. What do you think?

Maybe that’s 3 illustrations that illustrate how hard the struggle of parents for their children. Do you agree with me? Or have other opinions about the 3 illustrations above?

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