10 Signs That Show That Your Boyfriend Has Started Taking You For Granted

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Love while being blissful and happy, can also be very confusing and overwhelming. And when you give too affection and care, there are chances that you might be taken for granted. It is not that all of us are taken for granted, but few are taken for granted all the time. During the starting stage, we all have our insecurities and confusions.

Even when you know that you both are in love, you tend to come across questions like Does he really loves me? However, when your insecurities cross a certain level, you put too much into the relationship. While it is normal to expect your partner to shower with love and affection but when you try very hard to win their affection, they start to take you for granted.

Here are 10 signs that will tell you if you are taken for granted.


When he starts to ignore your phone calls

When you call or text him, and he does not reply to any of them even after several hours, and you know that he is not busy, it means he is purposely ignoring you. Even worse is when you confront him, he just bluntly tells you that he forgot about it.

He does not have time for you

Even when you had made plan weeks before, he keeps canceling it at the last minute giving silly excuses. However, when he makes a plan, even at the last moment, he expects you to be there on time. It is like you are always on his schedule.

He is very impatient with you

When you make a mistake, he just flips out. Or when he is explaining something to you, and you do not understand it at once, he acts annoyed. Sometimes he explains things in a complex way just to make you feel small.

He treats you like his booty call

You have started feeling like his booty call, even though you are in a relationship. He only calls you over at night to have sex with you and not to hang out. And he never takes you out anymore. Instead of going on a date, you just hang out at his house.

He never compliments you

Well, most boys are not good with compliments. But when you don’t remember the last time he said something nice to you, then he is taking you for granted. And it is not necessary that he needs to shower you with compliments, but saying something nice once in a while is a trace that he is still in love.

He keeps ignoring you

When he starts to act indifferently around you, then you got a problem. Ignoring your phone call is one thing, but even when you are asking a question to his face, he ignores you. Either he gives you a dark stare or just walks away from you.

He expects you to do everything

You know it shouldn’t feel like this, but yet it does. You put more efforts into the relationship in the hope that he will see your love, but you are just taken for granted. Your affections have turned into his expectations. And no matter how hard you try, it is never enough for him

He almost never says I Love You

Sure, you know he loves you, but it wouldn’t hurt him to say it once in a while. Plus, isn’t it nice to hear that from your lover? If he cannot even say I love you, you need to take a long look at your relationship.

He doesn't fear losing you

When you put too much in a relationship, guys think that they have you right under their thumb. When he doesn’t have a fear of losing you, that is a big sign that you are being taken for granted. He might think that he is too good for you and you will not find someone like him.

You feel unappreciated

If you are feeling hurt, unappreciated, and used in a relationship, then it is a sign that you are being taken for granted. When boys don’t care much about the relationship, they often make you feel small and useless in the relationship. These were the few signs that will help you find whether you are being taken for granted. If your partner doesn’t make you happy or he doesn’t appreciate you, then you don’t have to stay with him. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

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