10 Signs that show that you are just an option in your boyfriend’s life and not a priority

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When you are in love with someone, it sometimes happens that you start having certain expectations from that person. But because of desperation, a lot of individuals lower their own standards regarding how they ought to be treated by their partners. They tend to overlook things which might as well be a signal that you are only an option but not a priority.

A lot of girls think to themselves that they are their partner’s serious girlfriend or wife-to-be when in actuality, they are nothing but certified side chicks, just an option.

Everyone feels the need to be reassured in love because anyone could go crazy due to infidelity. It hurts to find out that you are wasting your emotions on someone who never considered you a priority and you’re eventually left alone to pick up the pieces of your life.

Ever feel like you’re being taken for granted in your relationship? Watch out for these signs to know if you’re an option or priority.


He won’t introduce you to his family/friends:

If you have been with someone for over a year and yet you haven’t met his friends or family, you are an option. If he never asks you to hang out with his friends, or to go to a party along with his family, then you need to ponder about where your relationship is going. It might as well be possible that you don’t want to hang out with his friends but it is you who should take that decision and not your partner.

He never takes you out:

You are definitely a side chick if all you guys do is hang out at his/her place. It might as well be possible that you are a secret and your partner doesn’t want to be seen with you in public. Probably your partner is sailing in two boats at a time!

He takes forever to reply your messages or missed call:

It can be highly frustrating when you call your partner and he doesn’t answer your phone, even when you know he is not busy. Shit just gets real when they start to give fake excuses about why they were not able to pick up the call. Does it happen that you send them a message and they take forever to reply? If yes, then, unfortunately, you are not a priority.

He doesn’t care about what’s happening in your life:

If you are together in a relationship and your partner is not concerned about how you are doing in your daily life, chances are that you are not a priority. If he cares about you in real, he would definitely take the time to ask you about your daily chores and how you are doing in your life.

You are not one of the first people to know about huge events in his life:

If you are actually a priority in his life, he would call you as soon as something worth mentioning happens in his life. If you find out about his achievements and his parties through a third person, then don’t be a fool and get out of this relationship as soon as possible.

He only calls you at night even on weekends:

How often do they say that they are ‘busy’? Does it happen all the times? If you are his priority, he would not wait for his day to end to remember you. Maybe not every day, but he would definitely call you sometimes during his working hours also. If he is able to call his friends and people while working, he should be free enough to call you sometimes also!

He doesn’t spend the holidays with you:

Everyone goes on holidays. Be it with friends or family, but you should be a part of his holidays also. If he keeps going on vacations and never takes you along, you are an option. Period.

He never remembers anything you say:

You are a chatterbox but he never remembers what you said. You can go on talking and all you get in reply is an “hmm”. If I zeroed down to your problems, then I can give you the solution also. Stay away from him and get a life.

They are never there when you need them but they expect you to always be there:

You are there when he calls you at 4 am in the morning, but when you call them even during decent hours and that too out of need, you get an “I am busy”, just leave your relationship and move on. You deserve a nice person.

They keep bailing on you:

You make all the plans and tell them about it all and then at the last moment they escape. The worst part is, later you find out that they were not that busy and could have come. Girl, just think about what you are doing to yourself

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